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Improve every interaction.

features that we have

Intelligently connect with your customers world-wide.


Marketing messages, push notifications, order updates, delivery alerts and more.

Regulatory compliance

Built with strict adherence to international laws and regulations.


Multi-Factor Authentication via SMS, Voice and Email.

Customer Support

Inbox Messaging, call-to-chat deflections, IVRs, chatbot support 24/7 and more.

Why Choose Us

Reach and engage with 85% of the world’s population in real-time.

Smart System

Integration with your existing systems is made simple via a cloud-hosted, user-friendly portal and wizard-driven code development.

Intelligent Routing

We select the highest quality routes available at the time of sending.

Two-Way Text Messaging

We offer personalized short codes or long numbers that will enable you to engage with your customers via SMS.

A Reliable Platform

Clicksms ensures your communications get where they need to go everytime with great communication speed.

Automate communication

Put automation to work for you without a single line of code.

Create a free account and activate your SMS channel by adding a new configuration. Create a simple HTTP API or our REST-based API. Test and publish your integration before proceeding. Finally, Clicksms will send and track your SMS.

Operational bottlenecks slowing your growth? Use automated conversations and workflows to collect critical information up front, reduce manual tasks, implement self-service flows, and route chats to the right agent.

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Messaging Platform


Send and receive messages at scale with Clicksms SMS API


Send & Receive Rich Content MMS easily via API.

Voice Platform


Integrate voice calling into your service via voice API


Cloud SIP trunking for your VOIP infrastructure integrating soon to our service

Telegram Bot

Telegram BOT API.

A smart system to send BulkSMS quickly and easily by automatic telegram bot. We get your BulkSMS delivered to US & Canada from America by just one click.

Protect your support team's time by answering the bulk of the questions asked by your users.


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